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Rural Data Research and Analysis (RuDRA)Lab

About RuDRA Lab, IIT Bombay

While Data labs exist for the large fields, such data labs focusing on rural communities are limited. On that note, the Rural Data Research and Analysis (RuDRA) Lab aims to become the leading academically based centre in India where research will be conducted in India’s renowned technical institution – Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) and research findings/products will be tested and applied at rural areas, where Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas (CTARA) already has long lasting experience. Therefore the focus will be on applied research with focus on rural areas - natural resources management, education, health care, food security, climate change and sustainability.

Our Team

Prof. Pennan Chinnasamy: Professor-In-Charge, Rural Data Research Analysis Lab, IIT Bombay. <>

Name Designation Email Topic of Research
Sagar Kolekar PhD Scholar 184358002 [at] To assess the techno-financial and environmental sustainability of constructed wetlands to reduce water pollution and support small scale irrigation
Neetu Singh PhD Scholar neetusingh [at] Modelling of surface water and groundwater interaction for flood mitigation and sustainable groundwater recharge
Meeta Gupta PhD Scholar meetagupta [at] Impact assessment on groundwater availability during non-monsoon irrigation season in a semi-arid region of India
Mohamed Kasim Khan PhD Scholar mohamed [at] The Indian Rural Observatory: Developing a Structured Framework for Systematic Collection and Assimilation of Data for problems specific to Rural Development in India
Pranadh M PhD Scholar 204350002 [at] Evolution of lakes from rural to urban system and impacts on lake hydrology, ecosystem services and people- a case study of Bengaluru lakes
Pravin Kolhe PhD Scholar pravinkolhe [at] Agriculture Area and Sugarcane Crop Synergized Mapping Using Satellite, Drones and Crowd Sourcing in Maharashtra.
Swaran V PhD Scholar swaran [at] Evolution of Millets in India: A History and Philosophy of Science and Technology Perspective
Gokul Prasad PhD Scholar gokulprasad [at] Groundwater depletion scenario for rural India: using isotopes and modeling
Shamaila Fatima PhD Student 214350003 [at] Evapotranspiration and Precipitation changes from cultivated rural regions of India
Manulaxmi Yadav PhD Student 214350004 [at] A review of groundwater and gender issues
Shweta Kannan PhD Student 214354003 [at] A Review of Multi-Arched Check Dam- Assessing site suitability and its potential in India
Puja Tripathy PhD Student 214400002 [at] Climate Change impact on water availability and crop yield
Shivanand Nalgire Research Fellow shivnalgire4 [at] Big Data tools for Monitoring the impact of NRM component of MGNREGS-IWMP projects
Yashwant Nigdikar MTech Student yashwant.nigdikar [at] Creating dynamic gis maps (dashboard) for rapid visualisation and assessment of parameters of water budgeting
Kaustubh Patil MTech Student 203350013 [at] Determining spatiotemporal variations of water access in rural water supply system
Shreyash Bohre MTech Student shreyash.bohre [at] Evaluation of impacts of IWMP interventions on water balance components using SWAT hydrologic model